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New Titles at the Archives for March

Howard has been busy at the cataloging desk! Here are a few new acquisitions of note from March. Entries consists of the title of the item, author, publisher, date of publication, and call number. The example below illustrates the system of citation used.

Title [Special format] : Subtitle / Author. -- Publisher, Date of publication. (CCHA call no.: Call number)

Additional information on the item appears in italic script at the end of the entry.


100 years of Illinois football / the News Gazette. -- The News-Gazette, 1990. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

Background report, Boneyard Creek Improvement Plan, Neil Street to Wright Street. -- Champaign Public Works Dept., 1993. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/BOC)

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. -- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, [1989]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

Boneyard Creek master plan / The Boneyard Creek Commission ; Conklin and Rossant Planners/Clark, Dietz Engineers, Inc. -- [Boneyard Creek Commission, 1978]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/BOC)

Business locations through the century : Main Street, Urbana, Illinois / Karl B. Lohmann. -- [K.B. Lohmann, 1961?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/URB)

Carousel of caring : the carousel horses of Champaign County, Illinois. -- Sports Publishing, c2004. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/CAR)

The girls of Franklin Middle School [videorecording] / WILL-TV ; producers, Imani Bazzell, Kimberlie Kranich ; director, Henry M. Radcliffe. -- WILL-TV, c2004. (Call no.: Video/ILLINOIS/(Champ)/GIR)

A history of 204 [North McCullough Avenue, Urbana, Illinois] / by Claire E.B. Gibson. -- 1980. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/GIB)

Illinois in portrait : calendar 1938. -- [Thaddeus F. Kontowicz, 1937?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts / University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. -- [University of Illinois], 1969. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

National Register of Historic Places inventory-nomination form : the University of Illinois buildings by Nathan Clifford Ricker thematic nomination / [Amy L. Cassens, Bret F. Johnson, David J. Garner, and Janice A. Stein]. -- [1986]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

National Register of Historic Places multiple property documentation form : fraternity and sorority houses at the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois / [Karen Lang Kummer, Dana L. Pratt, Lachlan F. Blair, Linda Bastyr]. -- [1989]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(champ)/UNI)

National Register of Historic Places registration form : Unitarian Church of Urbana : Channing-Murray Foundation / [Sharon Irish]. -- [1990]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/IRI)

New visions for the new millennium : a booklet of readings / the Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois and Wesley United Methodist Church, Urbana. -- [The Church], 2000. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/WES)

Nominations for proposed campus historic districts on the University of Illinois : prepared for the Historic Sites Coordinating Committee / by David Bitterman. -- [198-?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/BIT)

Report on a plan of drainage for the Boneyard stream and storm relief sewers / Horner & Shifrin. -- Horner & Shifrin, Consulting Engineers, 1949. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/BOC)

Report on the Lorado Taft House, 601 East John Street, Champaign, Illinois / prepared by Vivian Young. -- 1981. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/YOU)

Restoration of the Boneyard : a report of the Concerned Engineers for the Restoration of the Boneyard. -- University of Illinois Dept. of General Engineering, 1970. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/BOC)

The Roland building, 75 Chester St., Champaign : an analysis / Phillip R. Johnson. -- [198-?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/JOH) [University of Illinois student research paper.]

The Sim House : 803 West Green Street, Urbana, Illinois / Vivian Young. -- 1982. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/YOU) [University of Illinois student research paper.]

The story and facts about the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. -- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, [1969?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

Ten years : Illini Union. -- [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1951?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI)

The University of Illinois. -- [The University], 1902. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/UNI) [Pictorial work on the University of Illinois.]

Urbana Historic Preservation Commission nomination form for landmark designation : 108 North Webber Street, Urbana, Illinois / Christa J. Meyer. -- 1999. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/NOM)

Urbana Historic Preservation Commission nomination form for landmark designation : 115 W. Main, Urbana IL / Shauna J. Haas. -- 1999. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/NOM)

Urbana Historic Preservation Commission nomination form for landmark designation : 120-124 W. Main, Urbana IL / Shauna J. Haas. -- 1999. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/(Champ)/NOM)


A celebration of the life and legacy of John Lee Johnson : Saturday, April 1, 2006, 11: 00 o'clock a.m. : Greater Holy Temple Church, 1409 West Dublin Street, Urbana, Illinois : Reverend Larry C. Simmons, eulogist; Reverend B.J. Tatum, officiant. -- 2006. (Call no.: B/JOHNSON/CEL) [Program of the memorial service for Mr. Johnson.]

[Miscellaneous materials relating to the life of Isaac Hess of Philo, Illinois] / [Alda Rice]. -- [A. Rice, 198-?]. (Call no.: B/HESS/RIC)


Perceptions : a collection of favorites. Volume I / Terry Harter. -- First United Methodist Church, 2002. (Call no.: 814/HAR)


Create your family history with Family Tree Maker : the official guide / Marthe Arends. -- PrimaTech, c2000. (Call no.: 929.10285/ARE)

History for genealogists / by Judy Jacobson. Clearfield, c2009. (Call no.: 929.1/JAC)

Erin's sons : Irish arrivals in Atlantic Canada, 1751-1858. Vol. III / Terrence M. Punch. -- Genealogical Publishing Co., c2009. (Call no.: 929.371/PUN)

American prisoners of the Revolution / by Danske Dandridge. -- Clearfield, 2000. (Call no.: 929.3733/DAN)

Compendium of historical sources : the how and where of American genealogy / by Ronald A. Bremer. -- Rev. 1994 ed. -- Progenitor Genealogical Society, 1994. (Call no.: R/929.373/BRE)

Abraham Lincoln : a biographic trilogy in sonnet sequence / by Della Crowder Miller. -- Christopher Publishing House, c1965. (Call no.: B/LINCOLN/CRO)

Abraham Lincoln the politician / by J.F. McKale. -- University of Arizona Alumni Association, [196-?]. (Call no.: B/LINCOLN/MCK)

An America that was : what life was like on an Illinois farm seventy years ago / by Albert Britt. -- Barre Publishers, 1964. (Call no.: B/BRITT/BRI)

Family trail of Benjamin Hobble & Elizabeth, 1830-1988 / [compiled by Alley H. Duncan]. -- [A.H. Duncan, 1988?]. (Call no.: 929.2/HOBBLE)

Hans Herr / by John Christian Wenger. -- Lancaster Mennonite Conference Historical Society, c1970. (Call no.: 929.2/HERR)

The Isaac Haskins family history and genealogy : including that of his son-in-law, Henry T. Peck, generally known as Harry T. Peck, all of Wakeman, Ohio, supplement added containing family history and genealogy of Mrs. Mary Tuller Bacon also of Wakeman, Ohio / by Charles R. Green. -- Printed by the Register Pub. Co., 1911. (Call no.: 929.2/HASKINS)

Lincoln sesquicentennial, 1809-1959 : handbook of information / prepared by the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. -- The Commission, [1958]. (Call no.: B/LINCOLN/LIN)

A part of the Harshbarger family lineage : leading down to the Len C. Harshbarger family, Atwood, Illinois / by Hugh Harshbarger. -- [H. Harshbarger], 1953. (Call no.: 929.2/HARSHBARGER)

Explore Illinois expedition land where vacations are a family affair. -- Division of Tourism, Dept. of Business and Economic Development, [1964?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/EXP)

Geology underfoot in Illinois / Raymond Wiggers. -- Mountain Press Pub. Co., c1997. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/WIG)

History, State Universities Annuitants Association (1970-1988). -- State Universities Annuitants Association, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Chapter, [1988]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/STA)

ICHS ... calendar. -- Illinois Central Railroad Historical Society. (Call no.: 385.09773) [1987, 1989, and 1990 calendars.]

Illinois : individual county plat maps (102 counties) -- H.M. Ives & Sons, Inc., [198-?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/ATL)

Illinois, on the Lincoln Heritage Trail : the heritage trail, the southern trail, the western trail. -- Illinois Lincoln Heritage Trail Council, [1963?]. (Call no.: ILLINOIS/ILL)

Illinois Traction Society calendar. -- Illinois Traction Society. (Call no.: 385.0977) [2003 calendar.]

Germans in Wisconsin / Richard H. Zeitlin. -- Rev. and expanded ed. -- State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 2000. (Call no.: WIS/ZEI)

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