Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Indexing in the Historical and Genealogical database - March

March showed continued accelerated growth in the number of records in the Historical and Genealogical portion of the Archives' Local History Online database, with 3,741 new records being added. Of this number, the largest gain was in indexed pages of the University of Illinois Illio yearbooks. Volunteers Nancy and Ray Sanden, who are working at indexing every Illio page that contains photographs of Champaign County students, indexed 984 pages from the 1928 through 1940 yearbooks. Archives staff also added 802 records for Preservation and Conservation Association historic property inventories and Urbana Historic Preservation Commission historic resource surveys. Each of these records is accompanied by the actual survey presented in pdf form online. Finally, volunteer Mary Margaret Jones' work (of more than five years!) indexing obituaries from the News-Gazette for the period 1920 through 1935 is nearing conclusion. More than 550 records of death notices, obituaries, and funeral notices for the months of August through December of 1934 and January through May of 1935 were added to the database.

Historical and Genealogical database totals as of March 31, 2010:

Records 590,100

Headings 3,317,576
Names 1,736,836
Subjects 37,465
Addresses 37,651
Newspaper article titles 371,476

Digital content (jpg, pdf, audio, links to web sites) 3,747

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