Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Central Illinois Gazette, April 17, 1861

The news from 150 years ago:

...The Governor will call the Legislature of the State together in a few days (on the 23rd); appropriations in money, and demands for men will be made, to meet our share of this much is to be lamented necessity; but let it be done with a liberal hand. Illinois can furnish twenty-five thousand men that will be willing to lead the van to crush out secession and hang the Yanceys, Toombses, and Wigfalls [Southern secessionists]. This number would not be noticed out of the real bone and sinew of the State, but enough would be left to raise corn to feed the poor of Missisippi [sic] and the other secession states. We will whip the rebels with the one hand and feed their poor with the other.

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