Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day - Coming Home

On this Veterans Day, 2011, I thought I'd present a letter from our collection that details probably the best loved activity of any soldier - coming home.

Glenn C. Frazier was born in Rantoul, Illinois on November 22, 1893.   In 1917, he was 23 and working as a post office clerk.  When the United States became embroiled in the First World War in April of that year, his life changed forever.  He was drafted on September 5, 1917 and sent for training to Camp Dodge, Iowa.  There he was assigned to the headquarters staff of the 88th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.  He went with the 88th to France, served honorably, and was promoted to Sergeant.  After the Armistice, he stayed with his unit as they moved to occupy German territory.  On May 15, 1919, he began his journey home:

Camp Hill, Va
June 3, 1919

Dear Mother,

Suppose you received the telegram O.K. and know we are almost home again.  We were on the boat ten days, an awful tiresome trip.  Have been in this camp since Sunday (June 1) and expect to leave tonight or tomorrow morning for Camp Grant [located in Rockford, Illnois], a three day trip in the train but no more box cars for us.  Will possibly be in Grant a day or two and I intend to stop in Chicago few hours and buy some clothes.  Will send a telegram from there as to what train I will arrive at Rantoul.  It will no doubt be some time next week.

It is sure some hot in this country.  Don't expect to go back to the office till about July 1.

We are confined to a small area and will have to run away to mail this letter.  Hope all is well at home.  Will see you soon. 

With Love,

Private Glenn C. Frazier, Camp Dodge, Iowa, 1917

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  1. I just found this blog and it is awesome. We need to get more people involved in the history of Champaign County. I'm a regular on Facebook and one of the most active groups I've seen is "You Know You Grew Up in Urbana Champaign If You Remember..."

    Thanks, Eric, and keep up the good work!