Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring 2011 Conservation Workshops @ The Urbana Free Library

Registration is free, and participants will receive a toolkit to keep. Registration is limited to 12 participants for each workshop. All workshops will be held at the Urbana Free Library. Please email Annie Peterson (peters60@illinois.edu) or Jennifer Hain Teper (jhain@illinois.edu ) or call Jennifer at 217-244-5689 with any questions.

The workshops are conducted by the University of Illinois Libraries Conservation Unit. To register, please use the Library Staff Events Calendar. Find the workshop you wish to attend, and fill in the required registration information.

Basic Book Repair for Public Library Employees

Friday, March 18 1-5pm

Friday, April 29, 1-5pm

Basic Book Repair for Public Library Employees is offered to any public library employee who wants to learn repairs that are appropriate for modern circulating materials. It will include an introduction to book structure and causes of deterioration followed by hands-on repair training. Repairs will include mending and filling of paper losses, dry surface cleaning, tightening hinges, consolidation of frayed corners, spine reinforcement, and making book weights for use in repairs.

Basic Book Repair is being held twice to accommodate the number of library staff interested in attending; each participant should attend only one session.

Caring for Historical Collections

Saturday, March 12, 1-5pm

Caring for Historical Collections is for anyone who works with older, delicate books or papers. Private collectors as well as staff at archives, historical societies, or public libraries with older materials are encouraged to attend. The workshop will include a historical overview of book and paper manufacture and structures, a review of common preservation challenges in historical collections, followed by hands-on training. Repairs will include encapsulation of fragile documents, construction of simple book boxes, and consolidation of deteriorated leather.

Caring for Photographic Collections

Saturday, April 23, 1-5pm

Caring for Photographic Collections is open to anyone working with photographic material, including staff at collecting institutions and private collectors. The workshop will begin with a historical overview of photographic history and formats, followed by information on the care and storage of historic photographs and hands-on training. The hands-on portion will include identification of historic photograph samples, and an introduction to options for protective enclosures for photographs.

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