Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Local History Online - October 2010

2,773 records in 30 record series were added to the Historical and Genealogical Index database in October.

Entry of obituaries and other news items from pre-1900 Champaign County newspapers continue to be a focus of inputting, as 935 records were added this month. Many of these records include a pdf version of the indexed article.

Notable is the completion of indexing the names of Champaign County people, places, and businesses mentioned in the 253 biographical sketches found in the Brink, McDonough and Co.'s 1878 History of Champaign County. Work has now commenced on revising the indexing already entered for the biographical sketches presented in Judge J.O. Cunningham's 1905 History of Champaign County, Illinois.

Two other major projects are also in progress. The first is the entry of data pertaining to various Champaign and Urbana buildings into the Archives ready reference file online. This data, compiled by the Preservation and Conservation Association and consisting primarily of the construction date and name of the architect and contractor for each structure, is presented on more than 1,000 index cards that PACA has graciously loaned to the Archives for this purpose. In addition, photographs presented in Frank Heiztman's Architectural Survey of Champaign-Urbana collection, compiled in 1974, are being scanned and the accompanying historical data about the photographed structures being entered.

Historical and Genealogical Index database totals as of October 31, 2010:

Records 610,462

    Headings 3,425,913
    Names 1,792,741
    Subjects 40,423
    Addresses 39,773
    Newspaper article titles 381,177

Digital content (jpg, pdf, audio, links to web pages) 7,291

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