Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Local History Online Updates, September 2010

September saw the addition of 1,856 records in 29 record series to the Historical and Genealogical Index database.

749 articles, obituaries, and other news items from seven Champaign County newspapers were added to the database, as were 618 Champaign County official records.

Notable is the completion of indexing the names of Champaign County people, places, and businesses mentioned in the 848 biographical sketches contained in J.R. Stewart's 1918 work, The Standard History of Champaign County. Archives staff are now concentrating on completing similar indexing of the biographical sketches found in the Brink, McDonough and Co.'s 1878 History of Champaign County.

Historical and Genealogical Index database totals as of September 30, 2010:

Records: 607,689

Headings: 3,411,535

  • Names: 1,785,865
  • Subjects: 39,693
  • Addresses: 39,530
  • Newspaper article titles: 379,293

Digital content (jpg, pdf, audio, links to web pages): 6,732

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