Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Historical and Genealogical Index database for July 2010

3,663 records in 33 record series were added to the Historical and Genealogical Index database in July, bringing the overall record total to more than 600,000 records. Below is a list of other significant milestones in HGI database growth.

203,457 records July 2001

305,620 records December 2003

400,951 records November 2005

502,835 records August 2007

602,822 records July 2010

Leading this month's indexing are Champaign County newspapers. 1,355 articles, obituaries, and other news items were added to the database in July. Of note is the return to indexing current birth, wedding, and anniversary announcements of Champaign County people printed in the News-Gazette. Indexing of these items was suspended April 1, 2007, because of staff time constraints. At this time, we do not plan to retrospectively index those missing months for these series, but merely resume indexing as of July 1, 2010.

Inputting of Champaign County official records continues to be another large part of the overall work completed, with 1,280 records entered from four series. Important in this group of records is the beginning of inputting of the Archives' Champaign County Recorder's deeds records. These records, located on 53 microfilm reels, span the period 1833 through 1886. Entries will include the names of grantors, grantees, and a simplified description of the location of the land purchased. A pdf image of each deed will then be linked to the indexing record in HGI.

Finally, mention should be made of some important new and on-going work that does not show up in the HGI's monthly statistics. In the Special Collections series, existing records for the Archives' boxed collections are being reindexed and reformated to more accurately reflect the contents of each collection and provide greater access. PDF images of the inventory sheets of each Special Collections box are also being added to the various collections' indexing records. A final project not reflected in monthly statistics is that being done to reformat existing HGI records for individual photographs. Over 800 records are being upgraded to meet the current Archives standard for description and subject access, along with their corresponding photographs being scanned for presentation in HGI.

Historical and Genealogical Index database totals as of July 31, 2010:

Records 602,822

Headings 3,386,390

Names 1,772,897

Subjects 38,891

Addresses 39,097

Newspaper article titles 376,633

Digital content (jpg, pdf, audio, links to web pages) 5,987

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