Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Historical and Genealogical database, June 2010

From Howard:

June saw a significant increase in the size of the Historical and Genealogical Index database, with 4,187 records added in 35 record series. The largest area of growth was in Champaign County records, as 1,210 death register and 233 birth register entries were indexed. In addition, 410 Champaign County Jail incarceration records from late 1936 were added.

Work with Champaign County newspapers prior to 1900 has begun in earnest, with 476 news items, death notices, or obituary articles being indexed from the Champaign County Gazette, the Champaign Daily Gazette, the Champaign Daily News, and the Champaign County Herald. Certain indexed articles, mostly of general historical interest, have also been scanned and are linked to their indexing record in the HGI.

106 records were added for titles in the Archives' Champaign County newspapers collection. These records include bibliographic information about each newspaper title and a detailed statement of the issues available in the Archives both in print and on microfilm.

Finally, two Internet resources pertaining to Champaign County African American men and women were indexed in June. The Early American Museum's "This Legacy Is Yours" and "Your Legacy Too" web pages contain biographical sketches of 129 prominent Champaign County citizens both past and present. Each HGI record includes a link to each individual's biography as presented on the Museum's site.

Historical and Genealogical Index database totals as of June 30, 2010:

Records: 599,159
Headings: 3,368,337
  • Names: 1,763,752
  • Subjects: 38,243
  • Addresses: 38,802
  • Newspaper article titles: 374,973
Digital content (jpg, pdf, audio, links to web pages): 5,312

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