Thursday, May 6, 2010

Indexing in the Historical and Genealogical Database - April

2,993 records were added to the database in the past month. Once again this month, the greatest number of records were added in the University of Illinois Illio yearbook record series, where 882 pages from the 1941 through 1954 Illios were indexed. Archives staff member Karla Gerdes continues her work indexing Champaign County school directories. She was able to add 717 records from the 1925 through 1927 directories. Another 404 records for Urbana Historic Preservation Commission historic house resource surveys were added, which makes the total of all historic structure surveys to 1,747.

Finally, Archives volunteer Lloyd Baker was able to scan almost 800 of the Archives' ancestor charts this month. The resulting pdf images have been attached to their corresponding records in the Historical and Genealogical database and can now be viewed online.

Historical and Genealogical database totals as of April 30, 2010:

Records: 592,392

Headings: 3,333,913
Names: 1,746,025
Subjects: 37,774
Addresses: 37,965
Newspaper article titles: 372,714

Digital content (jpg, pdf, audio, links to web sites): 4,626

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